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Baked Salted Pumpkin Seed Recipe

The pumpkin seeds I've bought from those bulk bins at the store and those seeds in small packages are way too salty for me to enjoy. As a child, I can remember my mother and siblings in the fall carving up a pumpkin and removing the seeds. Mom would clean up the seeds by soaking them in water then placing on a baking sheet, lightly salting and baking. They were soo good to eat.


The two units of measurement most commonly used for typesetting and design are points (pt) and picas (p). While their exact “sizes” have evolved slightly over the centuries, the following explanations clarify the current accepted definitions and representations.

Em Calculator

This calculator is for newbie web developers that may need help with html forms and validating/processing with PHP. I's also for css developers who don't want to whip out their calculator.